Project Description: KNOTS

KNOTS. Maritime Knowledge Transfers: Science and Skills in Maritime Cultures from Antiquity to Modern Times

Project coordination: Pascal Arnaud (Lyon, France), Ulrike Gehring (Trier, Germany)

Contributors: Ineke van der Ham (Leiden, The Netherlands), Marios Avraamides (Nicosia, Cyprus)

The interdisciplinary research project analyses different forms of exchange and transmission of maritime knowledge from antiquity to the present. Maritime knowledge can be learned, imitated or adapted, depending on whether it is written down in books, sketched in pictures or passed on as practical know-how on board. Always the transfer is based on an exchange, that takes place individually, through social groups or institutions. Instead of linking the results of this exchange to pioneering innovations and thus sketching a linear history of development, KNOTS is interested in the overarching modalities of maritime knowledge transfer and questions of knowledge transfer. In doing so, very fundamental questions arise at the beginning, which can be divided into 3 large research fields to be worked on in parallel. |